Portable tool for cutting bagels

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  • Excellent bread slicer

  • Build quality

  • Portable

  • Easy to use

  • Safe

Easily and accurately slice your bagel bread with this portable bagel cutting tool.

Tagliapane portatile - strumento portatile per tagliare i bagel - affettatrice universale per bagel - Ozerty

Excellent bread slicer

Do you often eat bagels? If you do and you particularly like them cut into slices, then you'll be acutely aware that it can be quite difficult to get that perfect bagel cut. People use different types of knives and other cutting tools to try and get that perfect cut, but more often than not they are unable to do it. But cutting your bagel into two perfect halves doesn't have to be that stressful and with this portable bagel cutting tool you'll be able to do just that!

This bagel cutter has a unique design that makes it a great bread slicer. With this tool, your days of eating unevenly sliced ​​bagels are over!

Portable Bagel Cutter - Great Bread Slicer - Ozerty

Build quality

There are a variety of cutting tools people use to slice bread and bagels, so you might be thinking, "Why should I settle for this particular bagel slicer when I have so many other options?" Well, while it's true that there are other options available, this bagel slicer, however, is quite different from other bagel slicing tools.

This is because it has a quality construction which ensures that it is perfectly durable. This tool also has very sharp blades, so you'll be able to slice through bagels, bread, and even fruit with ease!

Strumento portatile per tagliare i bagel - Qualità costruttiva - Ozerty


Another reason why you should consider buying this bagel cutting tool is the fact that it has a portable design. If you have some experience with cutting tools, you'll be able to relate to the fact that, more often than not, they're usually difficult to carry around easily.
This bagel cutting tool, however, has a portable design that ensures you can carry it around easily. Its portable and lightweight design means you shouldn't have any problems using it whenever and wherever you want.

Strumento portatile per tagliare i bagel - Portatile - Ozerty

Easy to use

Now, you'd think that a cutting tool that offers all of these benefits would be complex and difficult to use; however, that is not the case at all! This bagel slicing tool is actually very easy to use. To use it, all you have to do is place your bagel or bread in the groove or "gap" of the bagel slicer and then simply press down on the blade. That's all; what you will get is a perfectly divided bagel which you can now eat with butter, jam, coffee or whatever you like.

Strumento portatile per tagliare i bagel - Facile da usare - Ozerty


Safety while using a cutting tool is an important thing to consider when you are looking to purchase one. You will need a cutting tool that allows you to carry out your cutting operations without fear of injury. Usually, people cut their bagels or bread with knives, but this one isn't all that safe because you're risking the safety of your fingers in the process.

That's why this bagel slicer has a safe design that consists of a built-in safety shield. It also has an ergonomic handle that helps ensure your hand doesn't slip as you use it.

Strumento portatile per tagliare i bagel - Sicuro - Ozerty

Technical features :

  • Material: metal + food grade plastic
  • Product size: about 17 x 9 x 22cm (6.7 x 3.5 x 8.7in)
  • Weight: approx. 563 g (19.9 oz)
Strumento portatile per tagliare i bagel - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Bread Cutter

1 x User Manual

Strumento portatile per tagliare i bagel - Package - Ozerty

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