Variable temperature moisturizing lipstick

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  • Excellent lip moisturizer

  • Color change effect

  • Long duration

  • Safe to use

  • Great gift

Illuminate your lips and make sure they stay hydrated with this variable temperature hydrating lipstick.

Balsamo per labbra a cambiamento di temperatura - balsamo idratante per labbra a cambiamento di temperatura - rossetto idratante a cambiamento di temperatura - Ozerty

Excellent moisturizer

Generally, people use lipsticks for aesthetic purposes only i.e. to enhance the beauty, color and attractiveness of their lips. Lip balms, on the other hand, are mainly used to protect the lips from drying out and chapping. This is because they have a moisturizing effect on the lips to keep them hydrated. While the benefits provided by lipstick and lip balm are both important, there is a catch. It might be a bit inconvenient to apply both at the same time.

There is, however, no reason why you should give up one for the other. With this temperature-changing hydrating lipstick, you certainly don't have to! This lipstick combines the moisturizing effect of a lip balm with the beauty effect of a lipstick. This results in a perfect blend of both in one great package!

Variable Temperature Moisturizing Lipstick - Super Moisturizer - Ozerty

Color change effect

There are many lipsticks available for sale on the market today, each with a particularly unique color. This makes for an excellent variety and many color options. While this is great, there is something even better! What? This color-changing lipstick, of course!

While most lipsticks come in just one color, this one enhances aesthetic beauty with a color-changing effect. That's right, lipstick has more than one color option. The color you get by applying this moisturizing lipstick depends on the pH and temperature level of your lips. Beautiful, is not it?

Rossetto idratante a temperatura variabile - Effetto cambio colore - Ozerty

Long duration

A common problem with both lipsticks and lip balms is that they usually never last as long as you want. This is probably why many have to carry lipsticks with them so they can reapply when needed. Of course, this could be stressful, particularly when you have to reapply lipstick without a mirror.

This multi-colored moisturizing lipstick, however, is the perfect fix you need for these problems. It has a long-lasting, non-fading design that ensures your lips will stay colored and hydrated throughout the day!

Rossetto idratante a temperatura variabile - Lunga durata - Ozerty

Safe to use

You may be wondering, "This looks great and all, but how safe is this lipstick? How can I be sure it won't irritate my lips?" The answer to this excellent question is that it is safe to use. The lipstick is made of natural ingredients such as beeswax, vegetable oil, rose flower extract, vitamin E, and so on. As long as you're not allergic to any of these ingredients, you should be fine. Also, the lipstick has a non-stick design that helps ensure that it doesn't smudge or rub off.

Rossetto idratante a temperatura variabile - Sicuro da usare - Ozerty

Great gift

Many women, regardless of their age, love to own beauty accessories. They also love having products that help them take care of their bodies. Precisely for this reason this colorful moisturizing lipstick will be the perfect gift to give to your loved ones. Its effective moisturizing and brightening effect will make them love to have it.

Rossetto idratante a temperatura variabile - Grande regalo - Ozerty

Technical features :

  • Ingredients: Vitamin E, beeswax, vegetable oil, rose flower extract and other natural ingredients.
  • Applicable Mass: General
  • Skin type: normal
  • Color: Peach Pink, Light Orange
Rossetto idratante a temperatura variabile - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Temperature Changing Lip Balm

Rossetto idratante a temperatura variabile - Package - Ozerty

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