Pack of 4 car tire pressure sensors

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  • Improve car safety

  • Universal fitment

  • Easy to install

  • Durable materials

  • Unique and fresh look

Easily monitor your vehicle's tire pressure and improve the overall safety of your car with these tire pressure sensors.

Sensore di pressione delle gomme auto - indicatore di pressione delle gomme auto - monitor di pressione delle gomme - Ozerty

Improve car safety

Certainly, tires are among the most important parts of a car. This is because any form of movement without the tires is impossible. That said, you need to take good care of your car's tires. How come? Tires, in addition to facilitating vehicle movement, also play an important role in ensuring safety. Several road accidents that have occurred could have been avoided if the car owner had only paid attention to the state of his tires.

One of the key things to pay attention to in proper car tire maintenance is tire pressure. Tire pressure refers to the amount of air left in the tires. It could be the difference between safe and enjoyable driving and one that is dangerous or unpleasant. Tires with the correct air pressure function longer and contribute to better vehicle safety. On the other hand, underinflated tires have higher rolling resistance, affecting fuel economy. It might be hard to tell at a glance if your car's tire pressure is low, but there is a perfect solution for that.

This car tire pressure sensor could help you accurately determine, with just a glance, if your tire pressure is low. This, in turn, will help ensure the overall safety of your car.

4 Pack Car Tire Pressure Sensors - Improve Car Safety - Ozerty

Universal fitment

Now that you know how much this tool can contribute to safety, you're probably thinking, "That's all right, but I drive a truck, or I have a bike, not a car, so can I use this tool?" The answer to this question is a definite yes! That's because this tire pressure gauge is suitable for tire specifications from 32-36 PSI (2.2-2.4 Bar).

This means that this sensor will be perfect for virtually any vehicle, including your car, motorcycle and even your bicycle.

Confezione da 4 sensori di pressione pneumatici per auto - Montaggio universale - Ozerty

Easy to install and use

Now you would think that a useful tool must surely be complicated to install or use. But, again, you would be wrong about this. These pressure sensors are just like the tire pressure caps on your car. This means that all you have to do is screw them on like you would caps. Reading or "using" these sensors is also quite simple. Once installed, you will be able to indicate the exact condition of your tyre. As? The sensor will display one of three colors below:
Green, for normal tire pressure;
Yellow, indicating that the tire pressure is 10% lower than the recommended tire pressure; And
Red, indicating that the pressure is now 25% lower than the recommended tire pressure.

Ideally, if you see a yellow color during your checks, you should inflate your tire as soon as possible. Once it's red, however, you shouldn't even try to drive the vehicle.

Confezione da 4 sensori di pressione pneumatici per auto - Facile da installare e utilizzare - Ozerty

Made with durable materials

Naturally, a tool to secure your vehicle should be made of premium quality materials to ensure that the tool itself is long lasting. This is why this pressure gauge sensor is made of copper core and stainless steel materials. These materials ensure that the sensor is extremely durable, resistant to wear and rust.

Confezione da 4 sensori di pressione pneumatici per auto - Fatto con materiali durevoli - Ozerty

Great aesthetic design

The aesthetic yet functional design of the tire pressure sensor helps to blend and match the look of your car. The lid is also transparent to ensure that the colors of the pressure indication are easily visible. How convenient!

Confezione da 4 sensori di pressione pneumatici per auto - Grande design estetico - Ozerty

Technical features :

  • Material: Chrome Metal+PC
  • Size: 1cm x 2.5cm
Confezione da 4 sensori di pressione pneumatici per auto - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

4 x Tire Pressure Gauge Valve Stem Caps

Confezione da 4 sensori di pressione pneumatici per auto - Package - Ozerty

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