Disposable electrostatic duster for surfaces

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  • Excellent cleaner

  • Tight and flexible

  • Telescopic design

  • Easy to use

  • Replaceable heads

Tired of dusting the house and the environment without getting noticeable improvements? Get excellent dust and dirt removal results with this electrostatic disposable surface duster.

Spazzola telescopica per la pulizia - kit di ricarica per spolverini multi superficie - spolverino elettrostatico monouso per superfici - Ozerty

Excellent removal of dust and dirt

Cleaning can be very stressful, especially when you have a large area or many different areas to clean. One cleaning task that seems to be the most stressful of all is dusting. Dusting is quite stressful because you can't use just any cleaning tool to do it. Most regular household cleaning tools are pretty incompatible with dusting, so when you use them, you can't get the kind of sparkling, thorough cleaning you want.

This electrostatic disposable surface duster, on the other hand, is a different story altogether. This tool has a unique, electrostatic design that makes it a great dust and dirt removal option , so with this cleaning tool, you'll always be able to achieve the excellent cleaning results you desire!

Disposable Electrostatic Surface Duster - Excellent Dust & Dirt Removal - Ozerty

Perfect for dusting tight or cramped areas

Another aspect that makes dusting and cleaning very stressful is that dust and dirt often settle in hard-to-reach areas, sometimes with corners that prevent you from reaching them, no matter how hard you try.

This electrostatic disposable surface duster, however, is perfect for dusting these tight or cramped areas , because it has a highly adjustable design that ensures you can bend it and adjust its angle to your liking. So no matter what awkward corner of the area you want to clean or how narrow it is, you will be able to use this cleaning tool to effectively get rid of the dust and dirt in that area.

Spolverino elettrostatico monouso per superfici - Perfetto per spolverare aree strette o anguste - Ozerty

Telescopic design

Another aspect that makes this single use electrostatic brush unique, perfect for eliminating dust and dirt from the environment, is the fact that it has a telescopic design. Cleaning and dusting is easy when your hands are able to reach the surfaces to be dusted. When these surfaces are too high or the space to reach them is too narrow, however, chances are you won't be able to clean the desired surfaces without an awkward and awkward fix, like climbing onto a chair.

This disposable electrostatic brush has a telescopic design that ensures you can easily clean and dust any surface in your home, regardless of its height. The telescopic design allows you to adjust the length of the duster, so that height is not an obstacle to achieving the desired cleaning results.

Spolverino elettrostatico monouso per superfici - Design telescopico - Ozerty

Easy to use

In addition to having a telescopic design and offering excellent dust and dirt removal, this telescopic electrostatic brush is also very easy to use. To use it, all you have to do is twist the handle of the duster in your hands to make the hair of the duster head fluffier and increase the adsorption force so as to achieve excellent cleaning results. Once this is done, you can simply start dusting. If desired, at any time during cleaning, press the ergonomic buttons to change the angle of the brush.

Spolverino elettrostatico monouso per superfici - Facile da usare - Ozerty

Replaceable heads

Another reason why you should consider buying this telescopic brush is the fact that it comes with replaceable brush heads . Once you have finished using the brush and once it is dirty, simply detach it and dispose of it, then install another brush head.

Spolverino elettrostatico monouso per superfici - Testine sostituibili - Ozerty

Technical features :

  • Materials: PE, PP, microfiber
  • Duster length: 36cm (before extension)
Spolverino elettrostatico monouso per superfici - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Telescopic Duster

6 x Replacement duster heads

Spolverino elettrostatico monouso per superfici - Package - Ozerty

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