Vacuum stopper for wine bottles

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  • Vacuum sealing

  • Date tracking design

  • Easy to use

  • Superior quality construction

  • Safe to use

Can't finish your freshly opened bottle of wine and are you afraid it will go bad and lose its flavour? You don't have to worry anymore with this vacuum wine bottle stopper!

Strumento ABS per la conservazione di bottiglie di vino - Tappo sottovuoto per bottiglie di vino - Tappo per bottiglie di vino sottovuoto - Ozerty

Excellent bottle stopper

Are you a lonely wine drinker? Or maybe at one time or another you've opened one too many bottles of wine while celebrating or hosting a party and just couldn't keep it? This is actually a situation that occurs more commonly than you think. Of course, anyone who occasionally drinks wine for celebration or pleasure knows that taste and aroma are important elements. Unfortunately, there is usually an irreversible loss of that exquisite taste and aroma when bottles of wine are left open too long.

With this vacuum wine bottle stopper, however, you never have to worry about not being able to keep your wine fresh. This item is a great wine stopper guaranteed to maintain the quality of your wine for up to seven days after opening!

Vacuum Wine Stopper - Excellent Bottle Stopper - Ozerty

Unique date tracking design

Now let's assume that for some reason you have opened several bottles of wine for some time and you want to preserve them using this vacuum wine bottle stopper. It is important that you take note of exactly when you have stored the wine, as the storage offered by this stopper is only for seven days. If you have excellent remembering and organizing skills, good for you! If you don't have it, however, you're still covered. As?

You can easily remember the day you stored your bottle of wine with this vacuum stopper using the programmable date inclusion found on the top of the stopper. This will ensure you never lose track of the vitality of your bottle of wine.

Tappo sottovuoto per bottiglie di vino - Design unico di tracciamento della data - Ozerty

Easy to use

Now you might be thinking "this wine bottle stopper sounds so sophisticated. Will it be easy to use?" The answer is yes! You will agree that it makes no sense for you not to be able to access your wines when you want them easily. This is why this wine bottle stopper is designed to be easy to use. To use it, simply follow the steps below:
- Use the cork to close the opened bottle of wine.
- Press the cork a few times to eliminate any air in the bottle.
That's all! Note that air is the enemy in this feat of preservation, so you'll want to make sure you've successfully pumped out all of the air present to create a vacuum.

Tappo sottovuoto per bottiglie di vino - Facile da usare - Ozerty

Superior quality construction

Now, as important as it is to eliminate air from your storage procedure, it is also important to ensure that whatever material you use to store your wine is excellently engineered to prevent contamination or storage failure. This is why this vacuum wine bottle stopper is made from premium quality materials. This quality facility helps ensure that your wine remains perfectly safe and enjoys optimal protection and storage.

Tappo sottovuoto per bottiglie di vino - Costruzione di qualità superiore - Ozerty


When it comes to situations where materials might come into contact with food or other edible items, it's important to make sure they're safe. This is why this vacuum wine bottle stopper has a food safe design which ensures that even if it comes in contact with your wine, it will remain safe and free from contamination.

Tappo sottovuoto per bottiglie di vino - Sicuro - Ozerty

Technical features :

  • Material: ABS
  • Black colour
  • Size: 47 x 72mm
  • Quantity: 2pcs, 4pcs
Tappo sottovuoto per bottiglie di vino - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included :

1 x Pack of Wine Stopper (2pcs or 4pcs)

Tappo sottovuoto per bottiglie di vino - Package - Ozerty

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Giuseppe Bonetts
Tappo bottiglia speciale

Il tappo bottiglia speciale l’ho trovato molto utile e pratico per salvaguardare le qualità del vino frizzante

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